Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ipod nano case and swarovski flowered charm

hi everyone,

so just recently my husband surprised me with a 16GB video ipod nano in my fave color pink!!!! :) after i got the nano i started looking for a case cause i dont want my ipod to get all messed up and i found one...i love it!!!! it holds everything!!!! :) then last night i made a flowered charm for it using swarovski crystal flowers in fuchsia, violet, light rose, and clear!!! and OMG...need i say more: im so in gonna make keychains for christmas gifts this year!!!
love love love

my new ipod nano case..... :)

and my video ipod nano
flowered charm anyone? :)
im thinking of making charm keychains to sell too!!!! :)
my pink 16GB video ipod nano
i love it alot!!!!
i hope you all have a great day!!!! :)


  1. this is so cute! i love charms for phones and bags!

  2. very cute! wish I could make cool stuff!!! T_T lol it'd be a lot nicer for my wallet during christmas. LOL

  3. oh that charm looks sooo nice hun!!! do you have the new version of ipod nano? does it take pictures?? lemme know!

  4. oh my gosh I love that charm you made!!! it's so pretty!! lovely colours go well together! :)