Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my new personal life blog

hi everyone...
so i have made another blog..MOSTLY for personal stuff but still some jewelry pieces too!!! :)
please follow my blog and i will be sure to do the same... :)
today was a good day...i woke up and went to the post office to mail out orders and then i came home and made a couple more jewelry pieces and ate lunch and my husband came home early from work!!! :) im always so happy when he comes home early... :) that pretty much summed up my day..eventhough theres not much to it, it was still a good day!!!!
i wanted to just post some pieces ive dne in the past and the bottom 2 pics r the pieces i did today!!!

this is the first piece i did today :)
and this is the other piece i did!!!! :) ive been in the christmas spirit since september!!! hehehe^^
its currently 1:44 in the morning and i cant sleep so im fixing up my blogs!!! i changed the layout of my jewelry store too...check it out and let me knoow what u think!!!! :)

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